Our Story At a Glace

R.P. Crawford Co., Inc. provides industrial and promotional products to consumers in the Pittsburgh area. We will provide quality goods and services with outstanding value. We work efficiently, always delivering on our promises. It’s our goal to convert new customers into repeat customers who won’t hesitate to refer us to others. Together we can continue to profit and grow along with our customers.

Who We Are

R.P. Crawford Co., Inc. and all of the great folks we work with. Family owned and operated with a positive outlook, attention to detail and personal touch. 

We work with businesses and organizations of all sizes. From large global corporations like US Steel, PPG, Bank of New York Mellon and PNC, to small non-profit organizations like college and high school booster clubs. Working with organizations of different sizes requires different approaches, but our goal is always the same – meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.
What We Sell

We sell lots of stuff! It started in 1962 with carbon paper and business forms. When Ray Crawford Sr. delivered his products, his customers complained they didn’t have room to store them. But they knew Ray was a problem solver so within a short time, Ray was designing, delivering and installing shelving systems too. Then came office supplies, office furniture, full color printing and even custom imprinted promotional products were on our menu. Our industrial and promotional products are top notch! Ray didn’t hesitate to seek new opportunities and his customers trusted him to make good on his promises.

When We Started

Ray Crawford Sr. started the business in 1962. Ray Crawford Jr. joined the company in 1981. Two generations and over 50 years so far….that’s a long time, don’t you think? We must be doing something right!

Where We Go

From our early beginnings in Pittsburgh, PA, to any city and beyond so I guess you could say….here, there and everywhere.

How We Work
With over 50 years of knowledge, experience, understanding and creative solutions to meet your needs. If you need industrial and promotional products done right, delivered on time and at a price you can afford, just call us.
We’ll follow this simple 5 step plan:
1 – Listen to your wants.
2 – Understand your needs.
3 – Recommend and agree on a solution.
4 – Execute the plan.
5 – Follow up to make sure you’re completely satisfied.
Why Choose Us
Because we treat EVERY customer as though they are our BEST customer…and because we really want (and appreciate) your business!
My father’s advice to me:
“Always do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. If you do that, you will be successful in business and life.”
– Ray Crawford Jr., President
Industrial and promotional products